• Logan Diaz

    Success Trainer

    Workshop Trainer, Life Coach, Consultant

  • Logan Diaz

    Workshop Trainer

    Founder of Next Us Personal Development Course.

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    Personal Development, Technology & Health Fitness

  • Logan


    Marketing, Sales & Business




I’ve been providing business, sales and marketing consulting for over ten years. I can help you create the two most invaluable things in life; Time & Money. Sales and marketing are the crucial components to increasing profits and each require very specific mindsets and specialized knowledge.


Life Coach

Align your attention with your intention. Only when your attention is focused on your desired intention will your intentions manifests. Just like every successful athlete has a coach on their side so should you. From goal setting, project-specific coaching or if you just need assistance defining and becoming the highest version of your self.


Workshop Trainer

I am the founder of Next-Us Trainings, a self improvement workshop and training program. Next-Us is about empowering individuals to understand and connect to their inner strength, power, joy and happiness. Training are held on weekends throughout Orange County.



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