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About Me

I’m Logan Diaz. Welcome to my site. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to work on my site. But I promise I will! I’m a happy, gregarious, fun loving guy who lives and works in Orange County. I’ve been doing mostly advertising, design and business consulting. People always tell me I’m good salesman. But I don’t like to sell. I like to talk and listen to people. Haha. I also teach Improv! Theres more. But you’ll have to wait. :)


My Philosophy

I believe in the power on the individual, the power of the mind, and the power of conscious thought to manifest the life of your dreams. I believe we are in complete control of our destiny and are empowered with the ability to mold our existence into anything we desire.

Every great action and achievement was preceded by the same thing, an idea. An idea is not to be confused with thought. Thoughts are the firing of neurons in your biological brain. In meditation you learn thoughts emerge from nothing and return to nothing. Renee Descartes may have said “I think therefore I am” but the most correct statement comes from Jean-Paul Sartre who wrote “The consciousness that says ‘I am’ is not the consciousness that thinks.” Your true self, your true consciousness is that which creates your vision. It is the intentional, deliberate

The Illusion Of Words

We don’t see what we describe, we describe what we see. Is a bird a bird? No, bird is the word we ascribed to this winged animal that can so deftly betray the laws of gravity. Could a four letter word really sum up the complexity and vastness of the all warm blooded flying animals? Of course not! Not in the least. When you hear bird what do you think of? Maybe you think of a humming bird, or a pigeon, or a seagull, or hawk. Maybe you think of a pterodactyl? See how simple language can lead to confusion? Then when we add intention to the language we are further opening up a universe of misunderstanding because intention is inferred based on external observations. And more often that not we perceive what we project. Further muddling other peoples intention under layers of our projection. With all this inherent misunderstanding it’s a miracle we can even communicate at all! (Now what am I trying to say? I don’t know! You’ll have to make your own reason)

“ReThink How You Think

-Logan Alexander Diaz


I’m ready to help.


Web Development

Modern web-designs and websites that work for you and your business.


SEO and Marketing

Business promotions and product advertisement companies.


Copy Writing

I write copy that is expressive, communicative and enriching.


Business Consulting

I consult with business owners how to enhance profits, increase productivity and be happier!


Real Estate

I (will) provide Real Estate services through Keller Williams this Summer! I will specialize in First Time Buyers and Investments.


Personal Development Training

One-on-one and group trainings under my Next-Us Trainings banner. I specialize in breaking negative patterns, goal setting and personal transformation.

“The secret to love is not to keep it a secret”

-Logan Alexander Diaz


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Irvine, California